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Esquire Recording Studios Announces Website Launch

Esquire Recording Studios

Samantha Shakes


August 1, 2020

Esquire Recording Studios Announces Website Launch

Bronx, NY, (August 1, 2020) - Esquire Recording Studios (ERS), a New York-based music production company and recording facility, announced the launch of Esquire is aiming to create music-generated online content and relationships between producers, performers, and fans.

Esquire President and Chief Engineer, Robert D. Anselm, explains, “the need to go as digital as possible is long overdue”. With the start of the dot com, users will be able to learn about the facility, book a session, and even purchase beats to create their own songs - a feature coming at a later date.

Anselm’s experiences as a recording engineer and visionary is ever-lasting. With a career spanning well over a decade, he has worked with numerous artists over the years including his platinum producing brother, Skeff Anselm.

Esquire Recording Studios was created in 2009. It was formed with the desire to provide an opportunity for local artists to create. Anselm is excited to move ERS into a new land of opportunity and expand to more artists around the world.

For more information please contact

Located at 1268 Metcalf Ave

Bronx, NY 10472

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